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SIMBA 24.05

Welcome to SIMBA 24.05! This version introduces a range of new features and enhancements that elevate the modeling and simulation capabilities of SIMBA. As this is a major update, we're initially releasing it as a Preview to ensure that everything works perfectly before its official release. Check the details below and get the latest update by clicking Download SIMBA 24.05 Preview now.

SPICE Netlist Compatibility

Introducing the new SPICE Netlist model that allows you to import and simulate SPICE (LT) netlists directly in SIMBA.

Spice Spice

New Magnetic Library

We're thrilled to unveil a New Magnetic Library designed to accurately model magnetic circuits, including linear inductors and transformers. Stay tuned for the next update, which will introduce non-linear magnetic models.

Magnetic Library

Scope Compression

With the new Scope Compression feature, you can optimize memory usage by eliminating non-informative data points from your simulations. This feature is off by default and can reduce the memory footprint by up to 80%.

Scope Scope

Device Symbol Improvements

Enhance the clarity of your schematics with new options to Show/Hide Device Parameters, and adjust the font size, color, and location of symbol parameters as per your preference.


Python Auto-completion

To speed up your scripting within SIMBA, we've added Python Auto-completion to aesim.simba. This feature supports efficient coding, helping you to write scripts faster and with fewer errors.

Updated Models

Updates to the PMSM Model and Integrator Model :

  • New option to access the neutral point of the PMSM model.
  • New option to set initial current conditions in the PMSM model.
  • New "wrapping mode" for the Integral model.

New Models

Quality of Life Enhancements

This version of SIMBA comes packed with other bug fixes and general improvements, all aimed at providing a smoother simulation experience. For a detailed list of all the changes in this release, please visit this link.

What’s Next?

We are constantly working to improve SIMBA and expand its capabilities. Keep an eye on our Roadmap for upcoming features and enhancements. Your feedback is invaluable—please share your ideas and suggestions to help shape the future of SIMBA.

Thank you for choosing SIMBA. We hope you find these new features beneficial in your simulation projects!