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PSIM Schematic Import

SIMBA 23.01 introduced the capability to import and open PSIM XML netlist files.


This functionality is currently in Beta version. PSIM model could be not entirely imported. More information regarding the current compatibility are available in the section compatibility.

The PSIM Schematic Import functionality is available in the Open Project menu.

Simba can read a PSIM netlist XML file, create and open the model in Simba and save it into a “.jsimba” file. A log file is also created to inform the user about any warnings or errors that occur during the import.

The .xml file (PSIM model), the .jsimba file (Simba model) and the txt file (log) in the same folder

Get started

Generate the XML file from PSIM

To generate the XML file for a specific PSIM model, open the model in PSIM, go to the menu Simulate and select Generate Netlist File (XML).

Generate the XML file from PSIM

PSIM will generate the XML file in the model folder and open it. The name file is model_name.xml.

The XML file is next to the PSIM model file (*.psimsch*)

Import and open the model in Simba

To import a PSIM model, select Open Project.

Open a project in Simba

In the “Open Project Window”, change the type of file to PSIM netlist file (XML) (*.xml) and look for the PSIM XML file you need to open into Simba.

Select the XML file to import it

Select Open to proceed. A pop-up message will ask you to confirm before starting the importation and the creation / override of files.

At the end of the importation, Simba will automatically open the model. The log file will be placed in the same folder than the .jsimba file (Simba model file) and the original .xml file (PSIM model file).


Currently, the import can only consider some PSIM devices (the most common and used devices). If a device is not importable, a message is added to the log file and nothing is added to the model.

The process will also import the simulation settings from PSIM (Time step and Simulation time). Note the time step is divided by 10 to consider the predictive time step used by Simba.


This functionality does not allow users to save Simba models into PSIM XML file. It only concerns the import from PSIM to Simba.