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SIMBA 24.01

Welcome to SIMBA 24.01! This service release is dedicated to enhancing the SIMBA experience through bug fixes, performance improvements, and the introduction of a new network license option. Get your hands on the latest version by clicking Download SIMBA 24.01 now.

New Network Licensing System

In SIMBA 24.01, we're excited to introduce a network licensing system. This new feature enables you to manage and distribute SIMBA licenses within your organization seamlessly, using your own server. For detailed guidance, visit our Network License Setup Guide.

Enhanced PSIM Import Tool

We've made significant enhancements to the PSIM Import Tool in this release. Expect to see improvements in model support, performance, and overall usability.

Quality of Life Enhancements

This version of SIMBA comes packed with numerous bug fixes and general improvements, all aimed at providing a smoother simulation experience. For a detailed list of all the changes in this release, please visit this link.

Looking Ahead: The Roadmap

Wondering what's on the horizon for SIMBA? Check out our Roadmap for a glimpse into the future. We also welcome your contributions! Feel free to share ideas, report bugs, and suggest new features on our public GitHub project.

We appreciate your continued support of the SIMBA community. Enjoy the new and improved features in SIMBA 24.01!