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SIMBA 23.11

Welcome to SIMBA 23.11! This latest release marks a significant milestone in our continuous journey of innovation and improvement.

Packed with groundbreaking new features, including our first-ever MOSFET models for detailed switching transient studies, enhanced memory management in SIMBA scopes, and a wide range of new models and simulation capabilities, this update is designed to significantly enhance your power electronics simulation experience. Download SIMBA 23.11 now.

New MOSFET Models for Switching Transient Studies

We've completed our first MOSFET models designed for switching transient studies. These models can be characterized from datasheets or directly imported from SPICE netlists (Spice VDMOS). They can be used for a wide range of applications including detailed thermal analysis, gate driver design, and EMI studies.

Disable / Enable

It is now possible to disable or enable specific models for the simulation.

Variable File

Parameter variables that can be used in device parameter expressions can now be defined in a separate text file.

The syntax is straightforward:

  • Comments are defined with //.
  • Variables are defined with the syntax: variable_name = variable_expression.
  • Expressions support S.I. units (p,n,u,m,k,M) and mathematical expressions and functions (e.g., M = A * cos (X)).

New Models

Thermal Analysis

Initial Junction Temperature

It is now possible to specify the initial junction and case temperature of power switches with thermal data.

Initial Temperature

Simulation Speed

Calculation of switching and conduction losses has been partially re-coded, accelerating simulation speeds by up to 10x.

Improved Memory Management in SIMBA Scopes

We have reworked the memory management approach for scopes in SIMBA to reduce the overall memory footprint of large simulations.


The previous memory management is shown on the top, and the new one is on the bottom.

New Examples

Several new examples have been added to the Design Example list:

  • Double Pulse Test
  • DC-DC Buck Converter (detailed models)
  • AC-DC PFC Totem Pole
  • DC-DC LLC Resonant Converter
  • DC-AC 3-phase inverter SPWM

Breaking Change


Starting with SIMBA 23.11, it is no longer possible to set a variable with one of the following names: "p", "n", "u", "m", "k", "M". This is to avoid conflicts with S.I. units in variable expressions. Designs using any of these variable names will now throw an explicit error.

Quality of Life

This version also includes numerous bug fixes and general improvements to enhance your simulation experience. For a complete list of changes, click here.


Curious about what’s next? Check out our roadmap. A public GitHub project is also available for you to share ideas, report bugs, and suggest new features.

Thank you for being part of the SIMBA community. We hope you enjoy these new features and improvements in SIMBA 23.11!