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SIMBA 2021.01

Welcome to SIMBA 2021.01. The main feature of this release is C Code support. It is now possible to write C Code directly in SIMBA to build custom control models. C Code debugging is also available.

If you haven’t yet, be sure to download it. The complete list of changes is available here.

C Code support

C Code support in SIMBA is documented here. Two new models are added to the Control library:

C Code

New Design Example

A new SR Buck Controller using the new C code support is added to the design examples collection. Thanks, Arief, for this great contribution!

New Current Source models

Two new current source models are added to the Electrical Library.

Quality of life

In 2021.01, several bugs are corrected and the general stability of SIMBA is improved. The complete list of changes is available here.


If you are interested, you can check our roadmap and a public GitHub project is available to share ideas, report bugs, and suggest new features.