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SIMBA 2021.04

Welcome to SIMBA 2021.04!

If you haven’t yet, be sure to download it.

New Piecewise Linear Source Models

New models of piecewise linear sources of voltage, current, temperature and control are now available.

Their output is controlled by time and value pairs defined in a matrix. A new matrix data editor has been added for easy data entry and live preview.

Piecewise Linear Source Model

It is also possible to import data from a .csv file using the "Load from file..." option.

New Coupled Inductor Model

This component models two or more mutually coupled inductances. The values of the mutual inductance and self-inductance are defined in an inductance matrix and the new matrix data editor can be used to facilitate data entry. The matrix data can also be imported from a .csv file.

Coupled Inductor Model

Improved Sum Model

The Sum model available in the control library has been enhanced with two new features:

  • Variable number of inputs
  • User-defined Gain for each input


New Step Model

New voltage, current, temperature and control Step source models are now available.

The output of the Step source model changes from an initial value to a final value at a given time.


Improved Control Solver

In previous versions, the probes (voltage probe, current probe....) were updated at the end of each time step. This caused a delay between the power and control variables. This type of approach is correct with fixed time solvers, but leads to inaccurate waveforms with a variable time step solver. Therefore, the control solver was modified to update the probes after each Newton iteration. This removes the delay between the power and control variables and improves accuracy without noticeable impact on performance.

New "Load From File..." option

A new "Load From File..." option is available to import data from csv files in thermal data, coupled inductance matrix data and piecewise linear data.


New Offline License Activation

It is now possible to activate SIMBA without an Internet connection. This feature is especially useful for computers that are not directly connected to the Internet and for countries with limited Internet connection.


The offline license activation process is simple:

  1. Save a License Request File (.slr) from the login page of SIMBA.
  2. Upload the license request file (.slr) on your profile page and download the generated license file (.slf).
  3. Load the license file in Simba

New "Help" Button to access model documentation

A new help button is added to the properties panel of each model for easy one-click access to documentation.


Multi-platform Python Module

The Simba Python module is now available for Windows, macOS and Linux (64 bits).

Quality of life

In 2021.04, several bugs are corrected and the general stability of SIMBA is improved. The complete list of changes is available here.


If you are interested, you can check our roadmap and a public GitHub project is available to share ideas, report bugs, and suggest new features.