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Public Beta 2 (2020.09.18)

Welcome to the Public Beta 2 of SIMBA. There are a few updates that we hope you will like. If you haven’t yet, be sure to download it.

Circuit Editor

Insert Model

It is now possible to drop a model directly on a compatible connector. Previously, it was required to remove the connector first.

Add Connection

Direct model connection

In public beta 2, It is now possible to connect two models directly without using a connector. Previously, a connector was always required to connect models together.

Add Connection

Connection Flexibility

A connection can now start perpendicularly from a model pin. This was not allowed in previous releases.

Add Connection

Quality of life

In beta 2, several bugs are corrected and the general stability of SIMBA is improved.


If you are interested, you can check our roadmap and a public GitHub project is available to share ideas, report bugs, and suggest new features.