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SIMBA 23.08

Welcome to SIMBA 23.08! We're excited to unveil this major release that comes packed with more than 50 improvements and new features. From advanced simulation settings to a wide range of new models, this update has something for everyone. If you haven’t downloaded it yet, make sure you do so now by clicking here.

As always, we're keen to hear your thoughts and feedback, so please don't hesitate to reach out to us.

New Diode and MOSFET Models for Switching Transient Studies (Beta)

We're introducing new Diode and MOSFET models specifically designed for switching transient studies. These models are released in Beta to allow for internal validation and partner feedback. We encourage you to try them out and share your experiences with us.

New JMAG-RT Based Motor Model (Beta)

Take your motor drive simulations to the next level with our new JMAG-RT based motor models. Also in Beta, these models provide enhanced accuracy for your simulation projects involving motors.

Advanced Simulation Settings

Managing large-scale simulations is now easier than ever with our new advanced settings. Tweak your simulation parameters to optimize performance and accuracy according to your specific needs.

  • Base Frequency (optional): Should represent the fundamental frequency (50Hz or 60Hz) or the switching frequency (xxx kHz). This parameter is used for two things:

    1. Steady-State Detection: Only the DC components and the multiple of the base frequency are analyzed to determine if the steady-state is reached
    2. Scopes : If the parameter Number of base period saved in scopes is set, Only the last periods will be saved in the scopes.
  • Number of base period saved in scopes (optional): Requires Base Frequency parameter. If set, only the last periods will be saved in the scopes. The period is calculated as 1/Base Frequency. This option is useful to remove the initialization time from the scopes and keep only the interesting part.

Subcircuit Variable

The new Subcircuit Variable feature allows for more organized and efficient modeling by letting you define variables within subcircuits. This enhances modularity and reusability of your simulation setups.

User Interface and Experience Improvements

Drag & Drop from Library

Adding components to your simulation is now as simple as dragging and dropping them from the library.

Double-Click Navigation

Navigate through your simulation setup more efficiently with our new double-click navigation feature.

.jsimba File Associations

We've made it easier to manage your projects by associating .jsimba files directly with SIMBA, allowing for quicker project launches.

Auto Backup Feature

Never worry about losing your progress again. SIMBA now features an auto-backup function to ensure your work is always safe.

Improved PSIM Import

Transitioning from PSIM to SIMBA is smoother than ever with our improved PSIM import capabilities.

Many New Models

We've added a host of new models in this release, including:

Quality of Life

This version also comes with numerous bug fixes and general improvements to make your simulation experience as seamless as possible. For a complete list of changes, click here.


Curious about what’s next? Check out our roadmap. A public GitHub project is also available for you to share ideas, report bugs, and suggest new features.

Thank you for being part of the SIMBA community. We hope you enjoy these new features and improvements in SIMBA 23.08!