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C Code (External File)



C Code (External File)

The differences between the C Code (External File) and the C Code models are:

  • The source code must be edited outside SIMBA in an external file. Use the Source file path parameter to point to the .c file.
  • The code is compiled in Debug mode without optimization(lower performance).
  • It is not possible to have multiple instances of the C Code(External File) model pointing to the same source file.

The "C Code" model allows the user to write C Code directly in SIMBA to build custom control models. See this documentation for more information.


Control > Code


Name Description


Name Description
NumberOfInputs Number of Inputs
NumberOfOutputs Number of Inputs
SourceFilePath Path to the Source File
OptionalAdditionalIncludeDirectory Optional file to an additional include directory
SamplingTime -none or 0: No sampling. The system will be solved in the Newton loop (default).
-auto: Inherit the sampling time of its source device.
-Sampling Period: defined in seconds.