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Lookup Table (1D)



Lookup Table (1D)

The Lookup Table (1D) control model generates output values based on pairs of input and output values defined in a Table matrix of dimensions N x 2.

The Table matrix consists of N pairs of input and output values. Each pair defines the corresponding output value for a given input. Ensure that the input values in the first column of the lookup Table are strictly increasing.

For input values falling between defined points, the output is calculated using linear interpolation. This ensures smooth transitions between the specified input-output pairs.

When the input value is outside the bounds of the defined Table matrix, linear extrapolation is employed to compute the output value. This maintains a consistent behavior of the control model for out-of-bounds inputs.


The Lookup Table (1D) control model also supports importing data from a .csv file. To do this, select the "Load From File..." option and choose the desired .csv file containing the input-output pairs.


Control > Table


Name Description
In Input
Out Output


Name Description
Table Lookup table defining pairs of time and output values. Input points are stored in the first column and output values are stored in the second column.
SamplingTime -none or 0: No sampling. The system will be solved in the Newton loop (default).
-auto: Inherit the sampling time of its source device.
-Sampling Period: defined in seconds.