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Models the thermal impedance and conduction, turn-on and turn-off losses of a semiconductor.
Can be created manually or from XML thermal description files.

ThermalData(string) Creating Thermal Data from XML Thermal Description Files
Comment Comment
ConductionLossComputationFormula Computation formula of conduction losses
ConductionLossComputationFormulaGateOff Computation formula of conduction losses (Gate off)
ConductionLossComputationMethod Computation methods of conduction losses. Possbile values are:
* ThermalComputationMethodType.FormulaAndLookUpTableComputationMethodType
ConductionLossComputationMethodGateOff Computation methods of conduction losses (Gate off)
ConductionLosses List of Conduction Losses
ConductionLossesGateDependency If true, two conduction losses are used.
The classic one when the gate is on and ConductionLossesGateOff when the gate is Off.
ConductionLossesGateOff List of Conduction Losses when ConductionLossesGateDependencyIsTrue the gate is off
Constants List of User Defined Variables
Custom1DTables List of Custom 1D Tables
Custom2DTables List of Custom 2D Tables
Custom3DTables List of Custom 3D Tables
CustomVariables List of User Defined Variables
Manufacturer Semiconductor Manufacturer
Name Name of the thermal data
PartNumber Semiconductor part number
SemiconductorType SemiconductorType. Possible Values are:
. ThermalDataSemiconductorType.MosfetThermalDataSemiconductorType
. ThermalDataSemiconductorType.DiodeThermalDataSemiconductorType
. ThermalDataSemiconductorType.MOSFETwithDiodeThermalDataSemiconductorType
. ThermalDataSemiconductorType.IGBTThermalDataSemiconductorType
*. ThermalDataSemiconductorType.NotSupportedSemiconductorType
ThermalImpedanceData 2D List representing Thermal Impedance Data (Cauer or Foster Network)
ThermalImpedanceType Thermal Impedance Type.
Possible values are:
* ThermalDataType.FosterThermalNetworkType,
TurnOffLossComputationFormula Computation formula of Turn Off losses
TurnOffLossComputationMethod Computation methods of Turn Off losses
TurnOffLosses List of Turn-off Losses
TurnOnLossComputationFormula Computation formula of Turn On losses
TurnOnLossComputationMethod Computation methods of Turn On losses
TurnOnLosses List of Turn-on Losses