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Connectors are used to connect devices together.

Circuit Circuit containing the connector
Name Connector name
Segments A connector is made of Connector Segments.
Use AddConnection and RemoveSegmentsConnected to to add or remove segments.
AddConnection(Pin, Pin) Add connection between two points.
AddConnection(Pin, PointI) Add connection between two points.
AddConnection(PointI, PointI) Add connection between two points.
CanConnectTo(SignalType) Return true if the connector can be connected to this type.
Clear() Remove all the segments in the connector. And disconnect the design.
ConnectorLabel(bool, string) Return the name of the connected label
Rurn None if there is no label.
EndUpdate() If StartUpdate() was called, it is mandatory to call this methods when all the changes are applied
This method returns a list of new connectors in case the connector is now divided.
GetConnectorSegmentsAt(PointI, bool) Returns all the segments where the distance to the point is 0
GetJunctions() List of junctions (Where multiple segments or pins are connected to a single points)
Junctions are usually displayed with a filled circle on the design.
GetLooseEnds() Connector pins are placed at loose ends only.
IsDisabled() Return true if the connector is connected to at least one device and all the devices connected to it are disabled.
IsGroundConductor() Return true if the connector is connected to the ground. Will Check also if a connected label is connected to the ground label
RemoveSegments(IList) Remove all the segments and return a list of new connectors in case the current connector is divided in multiple connector
- Segments that were removed of the connectors
- A boolean indicating if the connector must be divided in several connectors (In case the connector is now discontinuous)
- In case of division, returns a list of continuous connectors
SamePath(Connector) Return true if the two connectors have the same number of segment and all the segments share the same path
StartUpdate() When calling in a row multiple methods that change the connectors (AddConnection, RemoveSegments...).
It is prefered (not mandatory) to call this method before applying any change to the connector and to call EndUpdate() when the changes are made.
Type() Return the type of the connector. Return none by default;